90% Increase in overall Safety of Pupils during transportation

The solution enables school bus operators to optimize their bus routes, adjust fleet utilization, and reduce running cost besides insuring the safety of students during transportation.

20% Fuel Savings

Our solution helps keep vehicle fuel costs low by reducing excessive vehicle idling and speeding, improving the routing of vehicles, and eliminating side jobs.

25% Increase in work orders

GPS vehicle tracking allows companies to add more jobs to each work day. Companies see a 25% increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS tracking systems.

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We offer adapted and quality solutions in terms of fleet management, which allow you to optimize your operations and the productivity of your employees & fleet.


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At AGMC, we consider the fulfillment of customers’ needs a top prioritie; Hence Location Solutions provided us with exactly what we were looking for to optimize our Roadside Assistance service to reach our customers within the shortest time frame in case of any breakdown. In Addition fleet monitoring and tracking solution from LS helped us in enhancing our services further.We now can make sure that timely response is being effectively governed. As well, LS has proven to have a highly skilled team of executives and skilled technicians that are committed to what they promise.

Ezat Antaki, Service Manager, AGMC, BMW Group Importer

As one of the major FMCG trading and distribution companies in the UAE and Oman, our fleet size was growing rapidly and we needed a smart, easy to deploy, and reliable solution that would help us to audit the drivers' daily tasks, keep track of vehicles' locations, and most importantly limit abuse and reduce transportation risks. Location Solutions provided us with what we really required. With their fleet tracking and monitoring system, we now have control over our fleet movements. We have been with Location Solutions for the past 2 years. We are satisfied with the after sales support and the regular enhancements to the system.

C. Vidyasankar, Finance Manager - Logistics, Al Seer Trading Agencies

Location Solutions has helped us internally in reducing operational costs, optimizing our fleet performance, and in securing our business from potential losses. In parallel, we are now able to offer a true value proposition to our current clients and prospects by giving them visibility of their cargo while being transported in our trucks, by providing them accurate trip information, and by sharing with them the actual costs. This gave us a competitive edge over other general transportation service providers in the UAE market.

Veera Mani Menon , Corporate operations manager, Swaidi Gulf General Transport

We are happy to contribute to road safety, best practices and eco-driving during every trip. Thanks to Location Solution's system, we track idling time, speed alerts, fuel efficiency, and vehicle maintenance.

Khalil Boutros, Fleet Manager, Arco General Contracting

The Police was able to recover our stolen vehicles in less than an hour! The credit goes to our Vehicle Tracking Solution provider Location Solutions. GPS Fleet Tracking and Monitoring solution was a completely new technology for us. We had no previous experience with Fleet Management Solutions and we were hesitant at first to venture in it. Location Solutions presented enough evidence that this solution is worth our investment and we felt confident in adopting what they were proposing. Today, beside the quick ROI, the ability to monitor the fleet, optimize its performance and reduce fleet abuse, we have literally recovered a vehicle that was stolen in less than an hour! With the proactivity of Location Solutions team and the implemented tracking system, we avoided losing a vehicle, and we saved time and cost of investigating and searching for the stolen vehicle. It was an outstanding experience and the credit goes to Jeddah Police and Location Solutions.

Yehia Natout, General Manager Finance & Administration - Alohadieh Integrated ReadyMix

The ability to know the due dates of maintenance of vehicles and assets helps us to reduce the cost of renewing the fleet and to improve the overall operational capability. Thanks to Location Solutions service we were able to acquire the technology to control the movements of our fleet and increase its productivity as well as to facilitates and automates the administrative procedures within the departments.

Faisal Thiyabi, CEO of Thiyabi bin Saleh

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