Automated Teller Machines (ATM)


Are you into the banking industry and you own a network of ATMs? Are you a government authority or an enterprise that have multiple distributed cash deposit machines or self-service kiosks?

Would you like to add an extra level of security to your ATMs and to be instantly alerted in case of a theft attempt?

Do you know that the solution utilizes both GPS and Cell-Triangulation Technology for better traceability of ATM in case of Theft? And that is possible to geographically track the ATM using a smart dashboard monitoring system?

Would you like a ready-for-use solution with zero integration with your bank network infrastructure? Do you know that all you need is a reliable internet connection to benefit from the solution?

Have you ever thought of lowering your ATM insurance premiums using tracking solutions?

Location Solutions offers the banks an innovative solution that adds an extra level of security against potential theft of ATM machines. While one of the most common theft method of ATM machines is to pull it by force out of its place and placing it in a van or truck, it is now easy to get a instant remote alert of such theft attempts and to track the location of your ATM machine using GPS/GSM technology and the internet. This essential tracking solution utilizes a small-form factor GPS/GSM tracking device that is installed completely hidden inside the ATM machine and that works by transmitting location of the machine upon movement. As well, specific automated alerts can be set to notify the management instantly and in multiple ways of communication.



  • Immediate Alert in case of ATM theft attempt.
  • Location Coverage using Cell-Triangulation Technology and GPS.
  • Using Discrete and Self-Contained Small Tracking devices.
  • No Integration with the Bank System is Necessary.
  • Reduction in your Insurance Premiums.
  • Added-Value for ATM vendors and resellers.



  • Live & Near-Real Time Location Tracking Using the Internet
  • Cell Triangulation Technology & GPS Coordinates
  • Power Loss Detection & Alert
  • Motion Detection & Alert
  • Self-Contained Accurate Tracking Devices With Internal Backup Battery & Small Form-Factor Size     
  • Discrete & Hidden Installation of the Tracking Device
  • Instant Alerts & Notifications via Monitoring Dashboard, Emails & SMS
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Call Center (optional)
  • Customization & Tailor Made Solutions

 * Some of the above functions are module-based and are subject to the hardware selected and to additional setup cost and yearly fees.



  • Banks & Finance Companies with a network of ATM or Cash Deposit Machines.
  • Manufacturers, Distributors, and Resellers of ATMs.
  • Kiosks of Government Authorities and Large-Scale Entreprises.