A smart city brings together technology, government and people

November 02, 2017

It does not matter how big the city is, or how much data it supplies, a smart platform should be able to connect it all. Location Solutions has been running various types of smart implementations for years, by hand-picking providers and carefully evaluating their offerings.

Having analyzed the demands of local governments and SMBs, we have added another prospective offering to our portfolio, the one that can potentially embrace all types of solutions and wrap them into an integrated smart-city platform, called "Invipo".

Bringing in Incinity, provider of Invipo, is a strategic move, the one aimed at powering sustainable change in the region: a successful smart city platform should enable unification of all systems in the most lightweight manner. This flexible, yet rather scalable approach, allows for the deployment of technologies at a much faster pace. And this is exactly what an urban mentality requires. There’s no time to adapt, while the future is shaping fast.

This October, Location Solutions and Incinity were jointly exhibiting at the IRF 2017, under the headline of “Mobility solutions for the 21st century”. During the exhibition the two players focused on getting the wider spread of this technology in the region. At core, Invipo connects data from different technologies and systems into one unit, and offers well-arranged tracking of outputs and their effective supervision.

Incinity has enabled the 4th biggest city in Turkey, Izmir, with its smart city platform by visualizing all deployed smart technologies in the city into an integrated interface, giving the full awareness to the city councils: over 12,000 sensors service up to 120 elements of the urban infrastructure. The platform has been successfully deployed across the cities of the EU, and Russia, providing awareness over the traffic situation on the roads, and today we are bringing innovation into the Middle East, starting with Dubai. Invipo is well-adjusted to work with large volumes of data, due to its scalable database architecture, able to transform data into events and elements, and organized in modules - which are delivered in WEB and mobile applications.

“We are proud of our involvement shaping Dubai in becoming the top smart city in the world, our solutions are implemented across UAE and the GCC and we are looking forward to take on new challenges in that direction” stated Mr. Zaim Azrak, Chief Executive Officer – Location Solutions Telematics.

“Once I started working on a concept, my strong vision was all about making the life of people safer, easier and happier. Creating a lightweight software, but rather flexible and scalable in its core, was a bit of a challenge, but definitely paid off the effort. In the end, context of smart city is not about revolution, but about evolution… bringing minds and APIs together”, added Mr. Lukas Duffek, Chief Executive Officer – Incinity.