Location Solutions and Hertz shake hands for better Emrill facility management transportation

August 08, 2019

Location Solutions continues to provide many organizations with the best solutions through its extensive experience and innovative products. Those who keep in adopting our technologies are eager to succeed in their business. 

Hertz has always been keen on diversifying their services in the market, and kept on taking steps to better their quality and customer satisfaction. Through their partnership with Location Solutions - Hertz successfully implemented a fleet management system for Emirll facility management transportation buses; a GPS tracker and a camera were installed in their multiple fleets to gather the most important parameters remotely and gather analytics on the driving practices. Important KPIs such as idling, harsh braking, and unscheduled stops can instantly be viewed through the dedicated user interface on the platform remotely.

The benefits do not just stop there! Card readers were installed in the buses to enable identification and distinguish only the authorised drivers. Moreover, passenger ID system works to track employees’ attendance and working hours. Once employees enter the bus, they swipe their identification card to check-in and check-out.

Marius Anton, the Regional Operation Manager at Hertz expressed:  ” The face of the GCC is changing rapidly, and those who succeed to adopt technologies in their businesses manage to stay afloat. At Hertz we are doing our best to let technologies do the job, so our experts could focus on the more important matters - such as client satisfaction and business expansion”. 

Charles Azrak, Regional Business Development Manager at Location Solutions added: “We are passionate about bringing new technologies, which can enrich the lives of people in the GCC and enhance business operations. These, and other similar success stories from our partners, serve as proof of our commitment”.