Location Solutions visits Child Check-Mate System in Canada

July 14, 2019


June 2019- Part of its dedicated program to strengthen the relationship with its suppliers. Location Solutions visited Child Check-Mate System in Canada. The visit included important discussion on bringing school bus safety solutions to the Middle East.

One of the topics discussed was the importance of introducing children safety solutions while going to schools and back home; and CCM (Child Check-Mate) is one of those solutions; it’s an exclusive alarm system which acts as an electronic reminder to drivers. This reminder helps ensure that all children have safely disembarked the vehicle upon the completion of each run.

How the system works? Once the driver stops the bus he won’t be able to switch the ignition “Off” until he presses the CCM button which is placed at the end of the bus, thus the driver is forced to check each seat to avoid leaving any child behind. Technology is incredible in its capabilities of preventing unfortunate incidents.

Moreover, the team discussed the importance of adding a weight sensor solution to detect school bus weight to ensure that school buses are not overloaded with children.

Zaim Azrak, CEO and Founder of Location Solutions expressed:  “We felt very sad about the incident of the 6 year old boy who died in the school bus when he was left behind, everyone should take responsible actions to avoid such situations from recurring”

 “ The safety of our children always comes first, and when it comes to safety we select reliable products. Part of our responsibility and dedication is to implement such technologies  to prevent similar sintuations” Gressy Abdelnour- Regional Business Development Manager added.