Location Solutions helps many food businesses move ahead with Its advanced tracking system

July 18, 2019

To move your business food delivery experience ahead of others; all you need is a smart application and your delivery vehicle. Location Solutions is committed on transforming the experience of all businesses into a smart one.  Zaim Azrak CEO & Founder of Location Solutions expressed “we are moving in a fast paced era, live tracking of  food delivery create a unique selling experience with a better customer satisfaction...”

Delivering food in a short time to obtain customer satisfaction is one of the major challenges that most food businesses face today. That’s true, their customers are the fuel of their business. And time costs money!

Location Solutions has successfully transformed the food delivery experience in a restaurant in Al Sharjah, by installing live tracking system on its delivery bikes; with a complete smart system that includes GPS tracking, RFID Driver Identification, and an application to access accurate data in just one click.


How the system works? Each delivery bike has a GPS tracking and a Driver ID (Identification card). During each delivery trip; information like name of driver, trip route, and time are sent to live mobile application. By knowing this, the restaurant management have a complete control over their delivery bikes; they are able to have better plans for the next trip, and delivery time duration is much shorter. 

The Restaurant Manager explained that after the installation of the tracking system on their delivery bikes, his business efficiency has increased more than ever. He is able to access all delivery information using the application on his phone; like which driver is driving which bike; now they are able to track each trip, and they are able to provide customers with accurate delivery time estimation, and most importantly the number of delivery trips were increased.

Location Solutions understands the impact of a tracking system on food delivery service, by turning normal delivery into a smart one, time will be counted wisely and more trips will mean more money.