Car Lease & Rental Industry


Are you into the car lease and rental Industry? Are you a finance house that offers car loans and lease-to-own plans? Are you interested to keep track of your assets and comply with Dubai Protective System new law? Are you looking for a certified SecurePath Distributer?

Are you suffering from frequent asset loss due to theft or abandonment? Do you want to get instantly notified if your vehicle is leaving the country’s borders?

Are you suffering from delayed payments and increased number of defaulters and in need to deploy a system that helps you track and retrieve your vehicles from them?

Are your clients exceeding the monthly allowed mileage? Do you need a solution that helps you enforce effective detention billing with actionable and accurate data?

Are you interested to remind your clients about the vehicle service on time and to avoid delays and Maintain effective Preventive Maintenance Processes?

Are you interested to know the whereabouts of your vehicles in just one click and to offer quick roadside assistance for your customers in case of breakdown or Accident?

Location Solutions offers the car lease and rental companies The SecurePath Tracking & Monitoring Solution that helps them track their vehicles whenever and wherever they are with Dubai Protective System.  Based on the highly accurate GPS/GSM Technology, the online system is optimized to reduce asset loss that is caused by vehicle theft or abandonment. In addition, the near real-time location reporting capability provided with the system allows the fleet owners to easily trace and retrieve their vehicles from defaulters.


Up to 95% of Live Visibility of your Vehicles Whenever and Wherever they are.
Up to 95% in Prevention of asset loss that results from theft and Abandonment.
Up to 95% increase in ability to impound vehicles from defaulters.
Up to 95% increase in ability to enforce effective detention billing.
Up to 25% Easier Manageability of vehicle & Fleet Utilization.
Up to 25% reduction in Maintenance Costs by reducing skipped service schedules.
* based on customers feedback, internal research, and statistics...


  • Live Vehicle Tracking with Near Real-time Frequency of Reporting
  • Vehicle Statues Identification (Running, Idling, or Stopped)
  • Geofences (Circular, Rectangular, Polygonal) and Alerts
  • Remote Immobilization
  • Cell Triangulation Technology to Support Retrieval of Abandoned Vehicles in Absence of GPS Signal
  • Mileage & Utilization Reporting
  • Engine Working Hours Reporting
  • Maintenance Reminder Module
  • Automated Reports & Instant Alerts
  • Over-the-Air Reading of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Customization & Tailor Made Solutions

* Some of the above functions are module-based and are subject to the hardware selected and to additional setup cost and yearly fees.



  • Car Lease and Rental Companies
  • Auto-Loan Banking & Finance Companies
  • Car Dealerships offering in-house Auto Finance
  • Insurance Companies
  • Police and Authorized Debt Collectors