Car Sharing


Car Sharing is a revolution in personal transportation. It significantly reduces costs of transportation for organizations. Sharing cars means reducing the number of company cars. Car Sharing is designed to replace car ownership for employees who do not need to drive every day or who only drive a portion of the day. It also reduces congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Car Sharing is a service that provides 24/7 self-serve access to a network of company cars stationed around various nearby locations. Cars can be reserved by the hour or day via smart phones or Internet. The current location of all vehicles is available to all authorized staff after login to the Dashboard.

The principle of carsharing is that individuals or companies gain the benefits of private cars without enduring the costs associated with proving a company car to all individuals working for the company.  Carsharing has sprung up in different parts of the world and operations are organized in many different ways and in different places. Sizes of organizations vary from one shared car, and only a handful of sharers to organizations that serve a complete urban area.



Location Solutions offers the technology needed to facilitate car sharing. The car sharing solution of Location Solutions and our partners offers features such as:

  • Client or employee registration
  • Reservation of vehicles via internet
  • Unlocking cars using RFID or smartphone
  • Automatic registration of trips with distances travelled
  • Invoicing of paying clients / recharging of company costs
  • Car control safety measures including localization, immobilization and theft control

Our solution can be used by companies that operate their own fleet to offer sharing of company cars to their employees. It can also be used by companies that offer car sharing services as a paid subscription to their end customers. In a web cockpit an overview of all trips travelled with your fleet can be obtained.



  • Reserving and unlocking cars

Each car is equiped with a Location Solutions box. This box is installed in a hidden and secure place inside the vehicle. As soon as the driver arrives at the car, he unlocks the car using a RFID card, iButton or Smartphone. When this request is granted by the reservation system, the box receives the message to unlock the door.  Also the starter interrupt is disabled. The car keys are kept inside the glove compartment, so the driver can start the car and drive off. Depending on the client requirements, an administration is kept with all trip details.



  • Government
  • Municipalities
  • Advertising Companies
  • Sales Teams
  • Car Rentals & Lease
  • Taxi