Construction & Contracting Industry


Are you into the Contracting or Construction Industry? Heavy Equipment Rental or Lease of Generators? 

Are you interested to remotely monitor & keep track of your Assets and know their geographical locations? 

Are you a workshop manager who is suffering from project expenditures due to excess booking of your equipment? Are you interested to know if your equipment were under or over utilized? 

Did your team ever misplace or left behind a equipment at a site? Did you suffer from any theft of Equipment or Generator? 

Are you into heavy equipment leasing business and would like to enforce effective detention billing due to lack of actionable and accurate data? 

Are you suffering from increased Consumption of diesel and in need to track it? Are you suspecting a diesel theft? 

Would you like to impose a better control on your drivers & Operators and log their working hours?

Location Solutions assists the construction, contracting, and equipment rental companies to manage their assets with high efficiency. Combining the state-of-the-art GPS technology with in-depth knowledge of the plant hire industry, our solution enables asset owners to reduce their running costs, better manage their assets depreciation values, and remotely analyze valuable information such as Location, Movement, Utilization Rate, Diesel Consumption and more. Whether the asset is mobile or fixed, self-powered or not, the solution is designed to fit on all types of vehicles and equipment and to meet the highest market requirements.



Up to 95% of Live Visibility of your Assets Whenever and Wherever they are.
Up to 95% reduction in Vehicle Abuse, Reckless Driving, & Idling.
Up to 90% Recovery of Loss or Stolen Equipment, Generators, and Vehicles.
Up to 40% Optimization in Utilization of Mobile Fleet & Allocation of Heavy Equipment.
Up to 20% Reduction in Fuel Consumption.
Up to 30% reduction in CO2 Emission.
* based on customers feedback, internal research, and statistics...


  • Live Tracking & Monitoring of mobile and fixed Assets 
  • Trips & Stops Logs for Mobile Assets 
  • Detailed Utilization Report (Idling, Mileage Driven, HourMeter, Operating During or Outside Working Hours…) 
  • Vehicle Overspeeding, Harsh Braking & Rapid Acceleration 
  • Driver Behavior (Skills & Risks) (for Vehicles) 
  • Driver or Machine-Operator Identification 
  • Diesel Consumption & Diesel Theft Monitoring 
  • Ability to Arrange Assets Per Projects or Groups 
  • CANBus & FMS Data Logging & Reporting 
  • Scheduled Reports & Instant Alerts 
  • Customization & Tailor Made Solutions

 * Some of the above functions are module-based and are subject to the hardware selected and to additional setup cost and yearly fees.



  • Construction & Contracting Companies
  • Plant Hire & Equipment Rental Companies
  • Power Generation Companies
  • Providers of mobile and crawler heavy cranes and heavy transportation services
  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Municipalities