Diesel Theft & Monitoring


Are you into the shipping, logistics and/or construction industry?

Are you tired of hiring security guards to watch over your trucks which are very expensive and not always very practical?

Did you try locking gas caps and anti-siphon devices? Reinforcing tank covers? Parking the trucks in illuminated paid parking lots?

Did you consider countless methods to solve this emerging practice of diesel theft?



Our Fuel theft & monitoring solution can assist you to achieve*:

Up to 99% of Live Visibility of your Vehicles Whenever and Wherever they are
Up to 95% visibility of fuel logs: fill-ups and consumption
Up to 95% monitoring of any unusual change in the tank fuel level
Up to 95% estimation of how much fuel was filled or removed and the nearby location
Up to 95% reduction in diesel theft, pricked tanks and delays in delivery
* based on customers feedback, internal research, and statistics...


Our diesel theft and monitoring solution features the following*:

  • Diesel Consumption & Theft Monitoring  
  • Geofences (Circular, Rectangular, Polygonal) and Alerts
  • Live Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring 
  • Trips & Stops Logs 
  • Vehicle Statues Identification (Running, Idling, or Stopped)
  • Vehicle Overspeeding, Harsh Braking & Rapid Acceleration 
  • Viewership Access Module 
  • Scheduled Reports & Instant Alerts 
  • CANBus & FMS Data Logging & Reporting

* Some of the above functions are module-based and are subject to the hardware selected and to additional setup cost and yearly fees



  • Construction & Contracting companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Fuel tankers
  • Agriculture firms
  • Plant Hire & Equipment Rental Companies
  • Power Generation Companies
  • Providers of mobile and crawler heavy cranes and heavy transportation services
  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Municipalities