Facility Management Industry & Passenger Tracking


Are you into the facility management Industry? Do you provide manpower for general services? Do you transport a large number of laborers on daily basis? 

Are you looking for a solution that can  streamline your transport operations?  That provides you with detailed information such as bus utilization, bus capacity, and laborer's working hours on sites? 

Would you like to optimize allocation of your vehicles, increase fleet efficiency, enhance scheduling and distribution of your workforce? 

Would you like to remotely track your fleet in near real-time and to reduce emergency and road side assistance response times? 

Would you like to track driving behaviors and limit fleet abuse such as idling, overspeeding, and working outside schedule? 

Are you suffering from delays in delivering your services and reduction in overall performance because of your drivers?

Location Solutions offers the facility management and general service companies an advanced passenger tracking solution that helps them monitor vehicle movements and logging laborers working hours and geographical allocation. Assigning the appropriate type and quantity of buses needed to fulfill a schedule and monitoring labors distribution and time spent in remote sites form are challenges to every transport manager. Using a combination of GPS/GSM/RFID technologies, the passenger tracking and identification solution allows fleet owners to optimize their vehicle distribution, monitor buses actual capacities, identify laborers’ on each bus, and log the hours spent by laborers in remote sites; which, subsequently, enable them to optimize performance and efficiency of their daily operations.



Up to 95% of Live Visibility of your buses Whenever and Wherever they are.
Up to 90% reduction in Vehicle Abuse, Reckless Driving, Idling, and Vehicle Misuse.
Up to 90% Increase in overall Safety of Laborers during transportation.
Up to 50% Optimization in Operation: Bus Scheduling, Allocation, and Fleet Utilization.
Up to 50% Increase in Service Efficiency, Workforce Distribution, and Time Management.
Up to 30% reduction in CO2 Emission and up to 25% in Fuel savings.
* based on customers feedback, internal research, and statistics...


  • Live Tracking & Monitoring of the Vehicle with accurate GPS 
  • Trips & Stops Logs 
  • Vehicle Idling, Abuse, and Utilization Reporting 
  • Vehicle Overspeeding, Harsh Braking & Rapid Acceleration 
  • Passenger Identification & Boarding In/Out Reporting 
  • Driver Identification 
  • Workforce Time Log Report (actual, Overtime, Location…) 
  • Maintenance Reminder Report 
  • Viewership Access Module
  • Scheduled Reports & Instant Alerts 
  • Customization & Tailor Made Solutions

* Some of the above functions are module-based and are subject to the hardware selected and to additional setup cost and yearly fees.



  • Facility Management Service Companies
  • Pest Control Companies
  • Security Service Companies
  • General Service companies with large number of workforce