Are you a contractor that often operate in high risk environments? And who transports laborers by means of buses from labor camps to construction sites and vice versa? Are you worried from false claims when your drivers are involved in traffic accidents?

Are you a fleet operator that transports school or university students and you are concerned about their safety? Do you want direct access to the school bus in case it was involved in a crash or simply you want to monitor your drivers’ behavior and to make sure you are abiding the law?

Are you a facility management company that has a fleet of buses that is used to transport its staff? Do you want to catch any misbehavior on board of your fleet or probable causes of delays for reaching to your customers site?

Location Solutions has your back! Having your vehicles equipped with cameras and MDRV reduces risk in the workplace and records vehicle incidents and accidents as well as driver behavior. Having recorded video footages from a crash, accident or other road incidents will help you ascertain fault and dismiss potential false accident claims. Moreover, using a combination of live and/or recorded videos and telematics information will give you a better picture of your drivers’ driving behaviors and how you can improve their driving skills to eventually reduce cost associated with vehicle breakage.


  • Meet Vehicle Safety Compliance
  • Reduction in Fleet Insurance
  • Protection of Company Assets
  • Reduction in Fleet Accident Rate
  • Greater Security & Threat Detection
  • Quicker Claim Resolution
  • Prevention of False Claims
  • Improvement in Driver Behaviour
  • Reduction of Fleet Risk
  • Mitigation Against False Injury Claims
  • Mitigation Against False Whiplash Claims
  • Prevention of Crash-for-Cash


  • Live & Near-Real Time Location Tracking Using the Internet
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, G-Force (accelerometer)
  • 2-ch video inputs, 1-ch audio input (or more)
  • Geofencing, Speed Limit, Idle Monitoring and Route Deviation
  • Ignition-sensitive delayed system shutdown
  • Removable MicroSD (dependent of model)
  • Events: Dry contact input, video motion detection, video loss
  • Motion detection: Threshold control, area of interest, exclude areas
  • Action type: local event recording, client notification, SMS, email notification, external activator, Alarm video activation

 * Some of the above functions are module-based and are subject to the hardware selected and to additional setup cost and yearly fees.


  • Construction Companies
  • School bus transport
  • General Transport
  • Ambulance and Civil Defense
  • Police
  • Facility Management