Shipping Industry - Container Tracking


Are you into the  container or reefer shipping industry? High-value cargo handling? Cross-border transporter or a 3PL? 

Are you interested to remotely monitor & keep track of your containers whether on land or in the sea! 

Are you interested to bring up your compliance to international government standards and to lower your yearly losses and insurance premiums on your shipments? 

Do you ship to high-risk destinations? Are you suffering from an increased level of container theft? 

Are you interested to get notified when the container reaches its final destination? An intermodal point or certain borders? 

Are you suffering from delayed deliveries and in need to know the cause of container Idling? 

Are you interested in securing the content of the container and get notified of breach attempts and where they happened?

LOCATION SOLUTIONS assists exporters, shipping companies, and international freight forwarders, to remotely track and monitor their constrainers while it is on the move. With this global coverage solution, the geographical location of the container is determined using Satellite Communication, GPS, and an advanced online web-based monitoring system. The solution helps  in preventing container theft or loss, and it can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as remote temperature monitoring for reefers, door activity reporting, and switching to panic alert mode if the container enters or leaves pre-defined restricted zones



Up to 90% of Total Asset Visibility with Global Coverage.
Up to 90% Increase in faster response to Emergencies (Chemical & High Value Cargoes).
Up to 90% Increase in the accuracy of information regarding shipment Status.
Up To 80% in Prevention of Loss that is due to Misplacement, Delays, or Theft.
Up to 30% Optimization in Transit Operation and Timely Delivery for 3PLs.
* based on customers feedback, internal research, and statistics...


  • Satellite-Communication with Global Coverage 
  • Live geographical Tracking 
  • Status Monitoring & Activity Logs (Motion Detection & Alert, Idling, In-Transit) 
  • Flexible Geofencing to Define Restricted & Safe Zones 
  • Accurate GPS Coordinates 
  • Temperature Monitoring of Reefers 
  • Door Activity Monitoring & Alert (Open / Close) 
  • Panic Mode Alert based on User-Defined Events 
  • Weather Proof hardware that operates in the Worst Climates 
  • Scheduled Reports & Instant Alerts

* Some of the above functions are module-based and are subject to the hardware selected and to additional setup cost and yearly fees.



  • Container & Reefer Shipping Companies 
  • Freight Forwarders & Third-Party Logistics 
  • Manufacturers and Exporters of Valuable Items
  • Exporters of Pharmaceutical & Chemical Products
  • Oil & Gas Cargo Companies
  • Container-based Remote-Site Housing Companies
  • Government Authorities & Military