360 Locate Apps

Our flexible fleet management platforms adapt virtually
to any vehicle
360 Locate Apps
We build web applications for Telematics Service Providers that work with data from a number of different platforms by analyzing some of the value parameters in a single interface
Your data – our solutions.
Our analytical apps can be integrated with virtually any 3rd party ERP-systems and applications. Thus putting your KPIs at the core.
apps by 360

Fleet Health

Fleet Health is a platform-agnostic system for accumulated hardware analytics

What it does:

simplifies your understanding of failures
enables proactive support
facilitates decision-making
Do you want to get better use of your pool cars?
Our flexible module for corporate carsharing simply makes your operations smarter!
allows your employees to share cars for both business or private purposes
helps to track workforce performance and utilization dynamics
ensures the optimal number of units in operation
Driver Scoring
Want to reduce your maintenance costs, and understand how to appraise the drivers?
tracks, scores and ranks drivers
creates individual profiles for vehicles and drivers
monitors utilization dynamics and guides for improvements!

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