CTC 2019

CTC 2019, November 24

Construction Technology Conference
Thank you for attending Location Solutions’ Construction Telematics Conference 2019!

The event wrapped up beautifully on the 24th of November, 2019, and gathered more than 60 different businesses from the GCC looking to stay up to date on technological innovations aiming to minimize operational costs and optimize fleets. 

We were able to centralize telematics breakthroughs and advanced products during every segment and had the audience participate with compelling questions encouraging debates and discussions on every matter. 

Location Solutions’ experts structurally analyzed the market in GCC and henceforth the products that are currently provided and those that will be in the future- this included demonstrations of installations of certain pieces and of in-App-use! 

Representatives of the IoT and Automation provider sectors – specifically CanGo, Continental, Hectronic, and Streamax – discussed in length innovative approaches to fleet optimization and were thrilled to have had the ongoing discussions and immense interest displayed by the audience. 

We thank you again for your intent participation, and we hope to see you soon again in our next proprietary event! 

Ready Mix Partner Conference – April 2019
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Sponsors and Speakers:


and businesses from the GCC

6 +
hours of industry talks
International IoT experts
10 +
new product launches
20 +
liters of coffee to stimulate networking 🙂
GCC countries under one roof
Our Agenda
A quick overview of CTC 2019


Registration + Coffee


Welcoming Speech
Zaim Azrak - CEO and Founder of Location Solutions

Zaim Azrak


Construction Telematics Market Overview
Volha Smirnova - Brand Manager at Location Solutions

Volha Smirnova

9.25 - 9.35

Automation in Construction: LS way
Berj Toroyan - Head of Sales at Location Solutions

Berj Toroyan

9. 35 - 10.15

Construction in focus: EQlogic Platform
Karim Albabi - Head of Operations at Location Solutions

Karim Albari

10. 15 - 10. 25

Operator Engagement App
Charles Azrak - General Manager at Location Solutions

Charles Azrak

10:25 - 10.50

Coffee Break

10.50 - 11.05

Tracking Equipment in Motion: How to Run a Complex Installation
Andro Tuason - Head of Support at Location Solutions
Karim Albabi - Head of Operations at Location Solutions

Andro Tuason                    Karim Albabi

11.05 - 11.20

How to Wrap a Single System Around Large Volume Fleets
Abubaqr Mohamad - Technical Sales Consultant at Location Solutions

Abubaqr Sales Consultant at location SolutionsAbubaqr Mohamed

11.20 - 11.25

Pre-Moderated Quiz
Alaa Habach - Moderator

Alaa Habach

11.25 - 12.00

Continental Tyres: Turning Trucks into Mobile Devices
Hamzeh Afaneh - Head of Sales - Middle East Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) & Middle East at Continental

Hamzah Afaneh

12.00 - 12.25

Coffee Break

12.25 - 12.55

Advanced Analytics on Your Fleets: European Experience in GCC Realms
Bianca Barbu - Chief Marketing Officer at CANGO

Bianca Barbu

12.55 - 13.50

Diesel Management Solutions and Their Efficiency in the GCC
Miroslav Godovanec (Hectronic) - Sales International at Hectronic GmbH

Miroslav Godovanec

13.50 - 14.35

The Value of AI for Heavy Truck Safety
Samer H. Al-ish - Regional Director at Streamax Technology Co Ltd.

Samer H. Al-ish

14.35 - 14.40

Pre-Moderated Quiz
Alaa Habach - Moderator

Alaa Habach

14.40 - 14.45

Closing Remarks
Zaim Azrak - CEO at Location Solutions

Zaim Azrak

14.45 - 16.00

Lunch Break

Why attend

10+ automation-driven technologies presented.

New product launches and innovations under one roof.

International technology experts and consultants to focus on your business

Get insight regarding the industry trends and dynamics in the region.

Build contacts with the leading solutions providers.

Networking sessions with the most successful companies in the GCC construction.

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