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Frequently asked questions

How do I reach the local support office in my country?
Please refer to the global map of the website and reach the country of your presence.
Please reach us by using the chatter on the website, your request will be redirected.
Please contact our experts to get in touch with the sales or business development department.
Can I get a report to show me which vehicles are running outside their working hours?
Yes, you can run a report on shift-basis.
Can I use the system for attendance outside the office?
Yes, you can use Driver Identification and log first and last ignition and the geo-location of the last punch - extra information can be added to the report such as working hours duration, travelled distance, etc.
I am having machineries and used to supply to customers on short term basis, I need a way to suspend the machinery remotely in case i have not received the payment?
Yes, possible to install “on-command immobilization” and stop the machineries remotely
My working area is only inside Dubai and I noticed some of company cars go to Abu Dhabi, can I know who are they on weekly basis?
Yes, just set up a weekly report to show who enters the “No Go Zone” (Abu Dhabi is marked as a geofence).
Can I fully rely on the LS system, to track my vehicles different maintenance due dates?
Yes, absolutely.
Can I calculate the total cost of periodic maintenance and repair for my fleet using LS platform?
You can include the cost for each maintenance records and eventually generate a report that shows the total cost.
In my fleet, I don’t want to share monitoring the vehicle to everyone, can I limit specific user’s scope of access to certain vehicles?
Sure. You can create different group of vehicles and provide the users the access accordingly.
How many different user logins can I have on my account?
Unlimited number of users.
Can I track my user logins logs? Who is using the system and who is not?
Yes, user logs report is available.
How trip start is triggered?
Trip can start when vehicle ignition is ON or when Speed is above 1 or when vehicle is in a specific location (geofence).
Can I create a master report and include all sub-reports as sheets inside it?
Yes, definitely
Can I monitor the fuel consumption of my trucks on the system?
Yes, definitely - this can be done according to vehicle type and capabilities.
Is it possible to identify engine idling of my vehicles?
Yes, engine idling and ignition idling are both available.
Can I monitor Toll Gates passing of my fleet outside working hours?
Yes, a report is available to provide this information.
How to make sure that I won’t miss my vehicle registration renewal?
To make sure the notifications are received without fail, trigger a notification whenever renewal is due.
Can the LS system assist me to take decisions whether or not I need to increase/reduce the number of vehicles assigned to each project?
Definitely, fleet efficiency report will give you complete information about vehicles that are less utilized over a period of time as well as the ones that are over utilized.
I have a specific ride for my cars and I need to identify if my drivers are taking prolonged paths to reach the destination?
One report can assist you monitor the travelled distance of a specific ride and compare it over a period.

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