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What our Clients Say

Marius Anton

Regional operations manager, Hertz

The face of the GCC is changing rapidly, and those who adopt technologies in their businesses will be far more successful than those who don’t. We worked extensively with Emrill to ensure we are providing a solution that really meets all the challenges that arise when working with a company of that size. By offering innovative technologies, we are confident we will be able to identify further efficiencies and ensure the transition over to us managing Emrill’s fleet is seamless and without interruption.


Waleed Sawarqah


Fuel theft has been a major cause of concern for us and we are having hundreds of daily operations to transport concrete from the batching plants to the job sites. Considering their operational volume, cost of assets and the maintenance factor. We were in need of a comprehensive system that would minimize the losses, control their data and indicate potential areas of improvement.

With the help of Location Solutions, Can-enabled GPS tracking devices multiple fuel theft events have been detected since then and taken into control, efficiency was raised and the drivers responsible were sanctioned.
Location Solutions Fuel theft solution has proved to be one of the most meaningful investments for us with a great ROI potential within a short span of time.


Alberto Bianconi

General Manager of Arabian Transportation Co., part of Sharbatly Group

We have been a family of merchants for decades and devoted to supplying excellent quality products to the Middle East markets, strengthened by a solid logistics structure and modern cold stores that guarantee success.

Later on, we started facing the issue of supplying our products due to the temperature and weight variation in the trucks and then Location Solutions introduced their temperature control and weight sensor products into our business. This has put an end to some of the burning problems, and we’re very happy with the improvements we’re experiencing.

We would strongly recommend Location Solutions, as we are delighted with the client support and service they are providing!


Mohammed Wahbi Suleiman

General Manager, SAJCO

We are focused on delivering the road construction of various facilities and fuel reservoirs. Managing construction equipment in the growing business was never an easy task. That’s when we thought of implementing the GPS tracking solutions for our fleet, Readymix, and machinery equipment. After careful calibration of units and very professional installation of Location Solutions’ GPS tracking systems, we can now easily monitor the entire fleet from one place. As a side benefit – safety and efficiency parameters have improved a lot! We would happily recommend Location Solutions to any business facing the same challenges!


Rami Huneidi

Group Head of Procurement, GylfCryo

With a fleet of over 200 road tankers traveling across GCC borders as well as domestic logistics trucks, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the fleet and maintain our service level without the help of a powerful tool offered by Location Solutions. LS provides the tools to gather accurate data on detailed trip information which enabled us to develop an in-depth analysis and improve efficiency.


C. Vidyasankar

Finance Manager - Logistics, Al Seer Trading Agencies

As one of the major FMCG trading and distribution companies in the UAE and Oman, our fleet size was growing rapidly and we needed a smart, easy to deploy, and reliable solution that would help us to audit the drivers’ daily tasks, keep track of vehicles’ locations, and most importantly limit abuse and reduce transportation risks. Location Solutions provided us with what we really required. With their fleet tracking and monitoring system, we now have control over our fleet movements. We have been with Location Solutions for the past 2 years. We are satisfied with the after sales support and the regular enhancements to the system.

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